February 17, 2003

I’m out sick today. I’m paying for a jacketless, cold day on top of walking rain. It’s a standard cold, nothing else. I’m on our sleeper sofa watching all about “Sixteen Candles ” while reading a couple more thoughts on the Google/Pyra deal as the cats are sleeping by my side. I have way too much to accomplish today, too many phone calls and I have to run to our insurance agent.

We had guests this weekend, so we kept pretty busy. I realized I was sick at about 8am yesterday. Got up, felt sick went back to bed. Ran around all day, ate really really good BBQ and shopped. Saw our guests off and then collapsed. Probably the best time we’ve had in a while….too bad I was getting a cold.

Things will be light around here until March 1st, so I’ll see you then.