Hope You Like

February 21, 2003

After going throught two full-on designs ready for public consumption, I threw them all out. They were all simple like this one, very white, but just didn’t reflect what I wanted. There will be some glitches, but I’m taking care of those as we speak.

This is also the first time I’m announcing I’m no longer on Dreamhost and have moved to BlogOMania. I had very few troubles, mainly MySQL issues, but I hope to write those up later. This site is also running a new Movable Type 2.62 install.

** I have a few validation problems, but they should be fixed soon. I’m still trying to figure out the css errors. Windows IE, really fouled up the rendering of this page.

**** Another Update. I’m looking at the page and something just strikes me as “off”. So I’m going to leave this up, but sometime this weekend a subtle change will be made. I might just ditch a couple of the divs and move that menu into the top right pixelated area along with change the two content divs to fluid widths.

*** Final Update. I made the changes I talked about in the Another Update above. I’m using fluid widths and removed two divs I wasn’t fully using. Renders a little better for me under Safari and 100% under Chimera/Camino Nightly builds. The only thing I might still change, is the logo text. It’s not what I really wanted, but it works for now and seems to work well with the theme. I’m looking at a pixelated font for the logo, but most don’t work for me. So I’ll probably have a stylesheet switcher around the time I have a new logo.