Netscape 4 or a Cold…

February 21, 2003

It really sucks to be sick and at work with deadlines looming. My head is so congested, that the thought of thinking about anything more than the basics is causing a headache. Or maybe it was because I somehow forgot about not having caffeine for the past 72 hours.

I did, however, accomplish a few of things on my list for the work site. I finally ditched all of the JavaScript breadcrumbs and migrated the template over to a couple of SSI additions. I used the evolt ASP Breadcrumbs script mixed in with MovableType tags. It solved a problem I had with page titles, but it also solved just the problem of JavaScript.

My next web project is to implement a dual purpose page, Netscape 4 and Print. I’m working on templates that will render in Netscape 4, but can also be used as print pages. I have a template in development, that works well. I’ll probably use the WaSP CSS hidden message to let older browsers know that they can just click the link and see a LoFi version of the site. Then on the regular pages, have a link to a Print version. It’s all CSS, so I’ll tuck away a Print Stylesheet that hides everything except the page text.

But that project will probably be pushed back, since I have two graphic design projects that were not planned until the past few days. One is in Illustrator, and will probably take a solid, non-web, week to finish. The other should only take a day to fix, but then again things change.

The two days I had for a sick day, bored me beyond belief. I slept for most of Tuesday. This new site was designed in those two days, with little tweaks ongoing. I’m a little more wordy today, since I haven’t wrote anything online in a while.