Before Flash & Blogs…

February 25, 2003

…and when Eve Astrid Andersson was an internet superstar*{.liinternal}.

Does anyone remember Lunch Servers? No not that little woman with the facial hair, who served you Sloppy Joes, but an old daily update of what people ate. I read a couple of these, but I could only find an archive version of the one I originally went to, Moonmilk . It’s also hard to believe that it’s still around, after almost 8 years. This was all in 1995, I don’t remember reading any later than mid-1996. I remember going to sites like “The Void “. Unfortunately their lunch server didn’t wind up in the vault.

I think I kept one for a while, in my pre-pre weblog days. When I kept one alongside my somewhat daily journal, that is somewhere on a diskette in my old house. I’ve thought of this for a while, and this is really a good example of the early consumer internet….when small little ISPs were setting up shop, when you didn’t have a domain other than the one your college or ISP provided, and when you could get thousands upon thousands of hits just for setting up a camera in front of a fishbowl or listing what you’re watching on TV .

These examples of personal publishing were the early versions, 1.0. Jennycam and early cam sites were 1.5 or 2.0, Weblogs/MoBlogs/Voblogs are are all 3.0. What’s next?


Eve went on to become one of the ArsDigita founders. Her current, post-college site is up at There was a time when I would read her site as soon as it was updated. It wasn’t a weblog, but it was a good read about her life and the humorous events in it.