Pet Sounds

March 4, 2003

Our interactions with animals are a strange, sometimes interesting, insight into what is in our heads. I wrote down a couple of thoughts about my pets and those of my and Niki’s family. They’re sad, funny, and typical.

My Mother has two animals, a cat and a dog. The dog is an old Pomeranian who, before my mom acquired her, was never around anyone younger than 70. This dog is not a people dog. Unfortunately my Mom isn’t the type of person who could provide enough of anything to make this dog happy. Mom has love for her pets, but not a lot of patience. This dog’s…ahem….”release mechanism” is caused by the smell of a clean carpet. And has almost ruined the carpet of a house not yet 3 years old. It’s really a pittyful dog.

Her cat was a small kitten when she got him. This cat has been allowed to have it’s way since it was born. Scratches arms, couches, curtains, etc. My hands show my one true fight with the cat many months ago.

Our own youngest cat has recently went into heat. We sat wondering why she was rolling around on the carpet, until we made that discovery. We’ve made the statement that “Ahhh our little girl is growing up”. But it seems like overnight she has lost her kitten-ish qualities. She isn’t running around as much and really is more affectonate. We had the old Emily on Friday and on Saturday she started this “new” Emily persona. Really strange to think about. At least we know she’s now old enough to “fix”.

Niki and her family had a beautiful Golden Retriever for a long long time, until he was struck by a car during the summer. He was a member of the family and a beloved one at that. So we felt that something was missing. Niki came upon someone who wanted to sell an AKC pure Golden Retriever. We decided to take a look and see if he would be a replacement. He was a spitting image. Active dog that loves kids, water, and the morning paper. We purchased the dog in secret as a gift to her Mom and Dad, we then drove to the house to present the dog. That dog was a neat dog to have around. He loved to run and rome around the large property and the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we found out last night, he died from an illness.

It all somehow struck a nerve. That same day we actually talked about giving our cats away, after we had a baby. It just seems like an odd thing to do. We welcome these pets into our houses, give them love, and just ship them off when another human enters the picture. I went for a long time never liking pets, then Niki brought Ziggy home, and I just changed my opinion. My mom, with her pets and problems with them, loves them….even the cat. She could easily give away the dog, but that cat is her’s. So when I heard about that Golden Retriever’s death, I had a cat in my lap that I immediately started petting. You really never know what an animal brings into your family until it’s gone.