Morning Reading

March 7, 2003

Asparagirl’s counter argument to the The Lysistrata Project and their “Frigid for Peace” movement.

…”I am woman, hear me cheer when they drag Saddam’s crushed and bloodied body through the streets of Baghdad.

And not just his, and not even primarily his, but all of the Arab world’s despots who torture and abuse and mutilate and rape and sell their women for the crime of being so disgustingly female. (Nevermind Resolution 1441 or the WMD’s in Iraq; let’s stick to human interest stuff.) From Saudi Arabia where women cannot drive a car or walk outside without an accompanying male relative, to Egypt where the percentage of women whose clitoris and labia have been hacked off approaches 90%, to the West Bank where a woman’s greatest possible achievement–and source of income–is that her child has blown himself up in a pizza shop, women across the Arab world are having their souls crushed by the societies they lived in. If we can liberate these women and reduce the pathological misogyny in these cultures by modernizing and, yes, Westernizing them, is that not to the benefit of these women, and for humanity as a whole? The women of Afghanistan have seen this–lived this!–within recent memory, and the women of Japan more distantly, both times expressly due to war waged by Americans. War can save womens’ lives–or vastly improve them.”

It’s just a really odd statement from The Lysistrata Project, that goes against that, as asparagirl mentioned, that Rosie the Riveter image that brought society to accept women in the work place and showed women supporting the troops during wartime. Why use sex as a weapon when you can write, fight, and speak? Isn’t the pen more powerful than the sword? What they’re suggesting just seems to work against everything that women have worked for.