passing waves

March 12, 2003

I did get a break last night and got a chance to play with some new toys. The new client, to keep from running cable from one side of their huge house to the other, purchased a wireless setup. I have the wireless router where the modem is…in the far corner of the house. It sends a weak signal to the bedroom office, with only occasional connection failures. But it’s not reliable. The only thing I can think up to help that connection, is to move the router and cable modem to the kitchen area. And that leads to part of my next project.

The downstairs kitchen area currently has a little 13″ or smaller TV with a cable box. When I was setting up the appointment, the client asked me if I could make a TV display on a computer screen. They have an extra Gateway desktop with a 17″ monitor and Windows ME. For now, I installed the Netgear PCI wireless card into this machine and when I get the TV card w/ remote in, we will swap that out with the NIC in the upstairs computer and bring the wireless router and cable modem to the main level. Hopefully making a “midpoint” between all of the systems and improving the connection in the office while not killing the connection in the upper office.

The wireless took all of 15 minutes to setup. The NetGear router detected the settings from the cable modem and started working immediately. I refreshed the DHCP settings on the computer I was on, and could connect. It’s definitely easier than the old Proxim wireless APs we had in 96, running 802.whatever with only 1mbs. You either had to telnet in or use a serial cable to configure these things. I would much rather configure things in a GUI or a browser. Call me lame, but I did enough of telnetting into Synoptics terminal servers and PIX boxes and hope we’ve evolved since then.

So anyway, this will be a long project and it should be fun.