Curly Fries for Freedom

March 14, 2003

I try not to present my political views on this weblog. They do slip out sometimes, as I never really plan what I’m gonna write about. I rarely talk about politics with others, and only occasionally with my wife. It’s one of those things that can spoil opinions of others.

So with that being said, I heard an interview this morning with a National Guard Commander and a Chaplain. The host of the show is known for his “liberal” views (he’s more of a moderate actually) and asked about the sentement that you can’t be anti-war and support the troops. The Chaplain was from a Marine family and said that, “if someone was actually for war they were crazy”. That they’re trained to uphold the freedoms that all people to be against war or for war. That’s kinda my viewpoint on this whole thing. I’m for our men and women who volunteered, but I’m against war.

Now before you run off, understand that I am for the removal of a dictator who has ignored UN resolutions for 12 years. I seriously doubt that Iraq tried to seek a UN resolution before invading Kuwait and doubt that they’re going to before their next “plan”. N. Korea, we can diplomatically talk with, Iraq we cannot. Different subject, ok.

And while I’m not totally for President Bush, we would be in this same situation if Gore was able to capture one more state. So this rhetoric about the US having a dictator is bullshit, ok? Drop it. Impeaching him over Iraq is asinine, if he is, it’s “payback” for impeaching Clinton. Childish bullshit in the two houses. Oh and Freedom Fries…..WTF? I really don’t care. I order them as “Fries” or “Biggie Fries”….actually I’m more of an onion ring man, myself. But if that’s what they want to do, let them do it. Trust me, our money has been spent on sillier things.

Phew, that felt better. While I’m on a roll……I’m now wondering how FARK got “Best Political Weblog” in the Bloggies ? Because nothing says politics like Photoshopping Admiral Ackbar’s head onto Osama’s body. Then again, the Bloggies are a joke , but that’s an entirely different subject.