tables albatross (a.k.a next redesign)

March 22, 2003

Oh boy, nothing like finishing up a week with finishing a project. Plus it’s payday so we’re very very happy. This weekend should be nice and relaxing. Famous last words…

Most of my redesign ideas for this site, have been shot down on a second look. I think I have a design I like, I’ve even made two versions just to get it to my sketches and vision. I originally coded a pure xhtml & css layout. But, upon testing in every browser, no amount of hacks would make it appear correctly in Windows Internet Explorer. Plus, I wasn’t totally happy with how it appeared in that format. So, I’ve also made this format in a table layout with css and xhtml, to get it to almost render like I want it to.

I’m still having problems with IE 6, but not as severe. Safari and Mac IE 5 renders the site perfectly. Mozilla is causing a couple of problems, but nothing too bad. I hope to get my table kung fu back and get the new design at least in a beta state next week.

I’ve been using a CSS layout for about a year and I’m a big advocate of them. But for some of the designs I visualize, they’re near impossible for a css layout. Not because the w3c specs are off, but because of how every browser renders a layout isn’t uniform. I’m tired of using hacks, so I’m going back to tables for now.

Tables give me problems too, but at least you don’t have to use a hack for a basic layout. I’m having problems with how table sizes are rendered, but that’s another topic. I actually have a beautiful design that I tossed out months ago and I thought about actually using it….until I saw Jason Zada ‘s site looks a little too much like it….great minds think alike.

So I’m making a compromise, I’m using xhtml and css, but tables as a layout. It’s ate at me, but in the end it will be good.

**later. I believe I solved my problems with the tables. So take a look and see what you think.