Huevos of Steel

March 24, 2003

My Mother spent the weekend with us, really unexpectedly. Her cat attacked her viciously Friday evening. The cat just jumped out and got her. She tried to pick him up and throw him into the garage, but he latched onto her hand. She did get him into the garage, but it really fscked up her hand and shook her up. She came by on Saturday and had me take her to the UrgentCare up the road, where they gave her a tetanus and some antibiotics to help the swelling.

Mom went back yesterday and today she sees her primary physician. Maybe the infection is getting better and hopefully her tendons are safe. She is getting some movement back in her hand, so it’s looking better. But the main question after this was “Keep your hand or your cat?”

I was put in charge of cat removal. I went over to Mom’s and put on a pair of cheap work gloves, two thick long shirts and headed into the garage with my cage. I tried food, paying with him, and just talking nicely. Finally, I decided the only way to get him into the cage was by force. My other decision was to not get bit… really wasn’t my decision, so I thought to ways to keep my hands and arms away from a (soon-to-be) pissed off cat.

I found an old thick blanket that I threw over him as soon as his back was towards me. He struggled to get out, and I had my hands around his neck and grasping his back and tail area. He got loose at one point, but he was so tangled in the blanket, I was able to subdue him again. I carefully moved over to the cage and the lid closed, so I had to get my foot to open that box again. Finally I got him in, without a scratch. My glove did get a little tear.

So now he is in the county animal shelter, not knowing how good he had it. He, quite literally, bit the hand that fed him. Mom will eventually recover, but we don’t know the short-term or the long-term issues. She’s not ready to get another animal yet, and has sworn off cats for a while. I’m still wondering how Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin does this stuff with only a short-sleeve shirt and shorts?