the road to validation

March 25, 2003

Most of my mental energy has been going toward further refinements of my work site. I’ve changed the Stylesheets to clean up a couple of DIVs that are no longer needed and to change a couple of text sizes. I’ve also been moving my SSIs around and just refining why some of those are needed. Most of my templates just needed a couple of changes, but nothing too drastic. Perhaps the biggest change is with the Event calendar. I rebuilt the calendar using part of Mark Pilgrim’s calendar and a couple of changes to the main template. I had it in a pure-css layout, but it worked better on all browsers using tables. All of this would probably be version 1.5 or 2.0 if I used a versioning system.

I’m now going page by page, correcting dumb errors…mainly how Microsoft Word processes html. Including the new event calendar, I have over half of the site validating xhtml. That should increase as the week progresses. Starting out with valid templates took care of most of the problems, leaving the actual posts with a majority of the problems. Some of the errors are “goofs” on my part, setting up unordered lists inside of a post while letting Movable Type Convert Line Breaks. Causing a paragraph tag to incase each li list tag. Thereby throwing off validation for that page.

More Later…