History Repeating : The Art of War

March 31, 2003

I’ve been reading a bit about how the Iraqi’s have been using hospitals and waving the white flag of surrender in an effort to fool the Coalition troops and attack them when they’re not expecting it. After about two of these attacks, I’ve been thinking back to what I learned in elementary school about the French and Indian war . The “Red Coats” were use to fighting in lines (imagine “The Patriot”). When we adapted the native americans’ way of battle, by fighting in the woods and ambushing the Brits, we were probably cursed upon for not playing by the rules of war. It was called, “as good as target practice”…soldiers wearing red in the dark woods, lining up in rows.

Now we go into battle, expecting the bad buys to be fighting in the open or in the trenches. When they’re hiding in hospitals, in Red Crescent vans, and waving flags of surrender. War isn’t pretty and it’s not a cakewalk, but it’s more like an artform. Each side is trying to find new “creative” ways to rain down pain upon the other. E-Bombs, Drones, Roving Militias in Toyota trucks, and explosive taxis. Do you think that the “Red Coats” saw that attack coming? Hell no. But others learned from that war like one might learn from Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting”.

This war isn’t over…not going to be for a while. And I can’t imaging what else is in store for our troops. What else will shock us? Who’s going to be the Andy Warhol of War? In the original Gulf War, it was all about the Stealths, Patriots,and SCUDs, this time it’s about white flags, apaches and bunker busters, and “Shock and Awe”. Who knows?

It’s a strange time in history, folks. But we’ve been here before and we will be here again. War is a given part of that circle of life. Right now all we can do is hope our soldiers come home safely.