How do you present your weblog?

April 2, 2003

I’ll go ahead and talk about this, even though I haven’t fully formed a decent opinion….This isn’t talk about closing up shop, nor is it talk about going to a new blog anonymously. It’s a couple of honest thoughts about moving this weblog to another domain, away from

I originally had the early pages of this weblog on a separate page or directory, linked throughout the site as “Notes” or “Journal”. This was before I heard the term “blog” or “weblog”. My biggest move, was to have the main page of featuring my writing. I did this for over a year, ending this practice this past August.

I moved the page off of the main page, to lessen the shock, I guess. I’m not open to anyone at work about what I do here, nor my clients and some family. They can use Google and find me if they want. I guess my reasoning is that I keep my resume and my portfolio on the main site, and I just want people to know that what I write has nothing to do with my work. I don’t talk about work, other than the new techniques I use for sites or special events I work on. I’ve always made a clear line between what I can write about and what I can’t.

Please, don’t read into this, ok? No one has said anything to me about keeping a weblog. It’s a hobby I like to do and I would like to continue doing it without too much fear. I’ve just had a couple of things come up in the past 3-6 months, that are making me reevaluate my choices.

So, with all that off of my chest, I still haven’t formed an opinion. So this is all now public while I think about it some more….I have no plan for a name, no timeline, and no clear decision. And I guess the bigger question I ask of you, my reader with a weblog, why did you decide on how you present your weblog?