Wang Chung at 1st Base

April 12, 2003

Last night was the first home game for the local minor league team, The Chattanooga Lookouts. Nothing felt as good, as watching a baseball game, eating a hotdog, and watching fireworks afterwards. After a busy week, this is just a bonus for all of that work.

Fireworks going over the stadium, a couple of people turned to me and said something about, “How would people in Iraq see this?”. The general consensus was that, while we didn’t invent fireworks, we sure know how to use them. James Brown’s “Living in America”, “Dancin’ in the Streets, and Wang-Chung’s “Everybody have fun tonight” blasting over the stadium’s PA set the party mood. We were standing at the skyboxes, while a majority of the stadium took to the outfield, sitting in the grass. It was a great sight.

There is enough going on without worrying about the war. This was a little break in the lives there, to have fun and watch some fireworks.