trying to act normal

April 13, 2003

Last week, feeling a little disconnected from the outside world, needing a book on Flash MX, and hearing that I need the latest Modern Drummer, we went out of Books-A-Million. I normally expect to run into a couple of people each time I go out there, but on occasion people just stop and talk to me. Never met the people, they just strike up a conversation with me…usually computers.

Now one thing I’m not too open about, is that I’m very shy. I enjoy the quiet in the library, let along the quiet of looking for a good book. I’m usually a little embarrassed when a stranger just starts talking to me about any topic. Not that I’m not friendly, but I’m usually looking for an out. I smile and answer and laugh.

One reason I really hate talking computers, is that I really hate geek talk. I’m not that typical computer geek and when talk about nanotechnology comes around amidst the sporadic talk of building computers and networking, I glaze over. So I thought I found my out, as this nice guy was talking with me about all of the above and he asked if I know anything about computers…embarrassingly I said I knew nothing and that I was only a web designer.

He was really interested in that, so we kept talking and then he asked the ultimate “get out of geek talk” question, “What computer do you have?”. When I was a paid geek, if someone would have said “Oh, a Mac”, we would have laughed at them and that would have been a complete conversation killer. But this guy and a few others I’ve talked to in the past year, have been “Oh cool!”.

Shockinly geeks are not as anti-Mac as they we before OS X. MacOS sucked…Apple knew it, You knew it, and Apple knew you knew it. That’s why they decided to ride that unix wave and build something for the geek crowd, the “Saab crowd” along with Apple’s bread and butter, graphic designers.

I’m not trying to be a shy ass and ignore people. It’s just a fault I’ve been working on for ages. Not that I’m socially awkward, I’ve spoke in front of hundreds before, I’m not a bad public speaker. Hell if I met anyone of you, I would be as friendly as I can. I function fine in business.

I don’t know how to wrap this up…so I’ll summarize: Mike like quiet, Mike likes books, Mike hates talking about computers, Mike can’t wrap up a blog entry.