April 18, 2003

This is a test…

I’m using a Handspring Visor to write this entry. If I can get the keyboard working, it will be better than my current method, typing on the virtual keyboard w/ the pen.

*update* – oh, and I added a title.

This is a test to see if this damn keyboard works o.k.. It appears to work fine. I downloaded the wrong driver, one model off, and couldn’t get it to work. I finally used the disk that came with the keyboard and it works.

Which brings up another annonyance…the keyboard was stated as “Windows Only”, when the disk only contained a prc file…one that loaded fine on my iBook.

Part of the reason to have this setup, is to not have to haul a laptop around if it’s a short trip. The only thing I’m missing is, an ethernet connection. There is a wireless card available, but I would like it or a standared wired card. My modem works fine.

I’ve had this stuff for a while, but had no time to play wit it. Most eveyrting I have is a closeout and just a cool setup . Simple and compact.

The setup is:

Handspring Visor – 8mb


Handspring Modem 33.6

Micro Innovations Visor Keyboard (a $10 closeout at Wal-Mart)