Cut, Style, Gossip.

April 23, 2003

Based on a BlogFodder suggestion, I’m gonna talk about someone, a friend, who should have a weblog. My Wife.

I say this because she comes home with some of the strangest stories and experiences, because she deals with people all day from all lines…..middle class, blue collar, upper crust. And just how some of these people react to hairstylists is some of the funniest and occasionaly strange little bits of humor and frustration. One of her favorite things is to “people watch”, so she analyzes these people mentally, giving me the full daily report over dinner.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but some people look at their hairstylists almost as a bartender. Go tell “Sam” your problems over a drink or go tell Niki your problems while she gives you a cut and style. Most people let their guard down when they walk into a salon and after a few visits, they’re saying things that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

I wish she kept a blog mainly for those funny bits: A Transvestite walking in, the phone sex worker talking about her job, the little girl with downs syndrome who smiles and makes her day, and the occasional bullshit of an angry client along with assorted idiots who wonder in. Trust me, it would be great.