To a Friend

April 27, 2003

A friend of mine passed away not more than an hour ago. He was someone I met when I was in high school, his daughter was in school with me and we just became friends with him and his family. My Mom became a part of their Friday night group of friends and the occasional group of hell raisers at the local restaurants. His name was Jimmy Broome and he was 52 years old.

I actually knew two Jimmies. I knew the Jimmy who was a wrestling promoter and the man who was the father to someone who’s own father didn’t take an active point in their life. Then I also knew the post-stroke Jimmy. About 8 years ago this week, he had a stroke, that took him out of work and changed a lot about him. He also became a grandfather and just took a more active life….. He didn’t allow himself to be denied anything, despite losing the full range of movement after the stroke.

Jimmy was also a husband to my Mom’s best friend and the uncle to my business partner in So his life, and the life he lead touched many lives and will be a memory now.

Bye and Thanks Jimmy…those Lookout’s games won’t be as much fun without you.