On the Road

April 29, 2003

I will be out of town for a few days and won’t have access to the internet (Yay!!!), so play nice and hopefully I’ll be back by Sunday. I’ll covertly be in Savannah, Georgia (for my 6th time) and then Hilton Head, South Carolina with my two uncles…watching them play golf. I originally didn’t have the funds to go on the trip, but thanks to a generous benefactor, that problem went away. My job is to sit back, provide witty commentary, take the occasional photo, and relax.

I love south Georgia and South Carolina and the weather down there is easy on my sinus’, so it shouldn’t be too bad on my cold. I always get a cold (or break something) before a long non-business trip. So I’m feeling lucky I haven’t broke anything and just have a cold.

So for now, check out some of the links of sites I enjoy (in no particular order):


Amy Langfield{.liinternal}


Mutated Monkeys

Lone Prairie Art Works



Time is Tight

the Silicon Underground



and 8pril .