Catch 22

May 6, 2003

I’ve never had as much laptop trouble as I’ve had in the past year. My new iBook’s ethernet port is loose. It might have been set down on a cable or been pulled on…I don’t know. It’s either send it out or eventually lose access to the web. The addition of a wireless card would immediately take care of it, but the investment of a wireless setup equals that of the addition of AppleCare.

I also have a NetGear USB ethernet adapter (EA101), and while OS X sees the adapter, it doesn’t have a driver. I’d even take a hacked one. The adapter is in my PC repair kit and has worked great for over a year. I’d never thought I would wish I had a PCCard adapter instead of built-in ethernet.

I’ve been way too careful with this laptop to have something like this f me over. It works, works well except for that port.