Are you up there Noah? It’s me Mike.

May 7, 2003

It’s been raining bad. Flooding bad. TVA is going to open the damn to relieve pressure on the dam, bad. The highway that runs parallel to the Tennessee River is definitely doing to flood, as the river has crested and the opening of the dam will add another 5 feet of water to that road….my route home. From what I hear, about 100 businesses will be flooded. Most are being evacuated, as I type. I’m ok, because I work on higher ground and on the 3rd floor.

My drive in was an adventure, as half of the roads are under water and guarded. Most of the news sources are showing images of complete dumb asses who “thunk” their Jeep could handle the water. I drive a basic Jeep Cherokee, that’s well above the water. But I’m not that stupid, to drive it across a dip in the road.

The last bad flood I remember was in the early 80’s, before all of our low basins were “floodproofed”. I remembered seeing parts of the city underwater, worse than we’re seeing today. So, I’m at least thankful for that. I really expected to see our cats swimming, when I came home yesterday. I think we have a creek near our apartment, that hopefully won’t fool with us.

I should have some photos later.

*update* this story says it a little better than I can. I’m also wrong….this is as bad as the 80’s floods and could be worse by tomorrow.