Pink Cars

May 7, 2003

We’ve officially folded the old company that Niki and I used for our side jobs, riv@. I haven’t officially used that name in over a year, so Niki picked it up as our go-to name….whenever we needed something “official”.

Part of folding that name, is that Niki is now a Mary Kay rep. She looked at Mary Kay before, and it’s something she wants to do. The MK web services are neat. For about $25-50 you get a Mary Kay email address and hosting for your site. You can shop from there and it all goes back to Niki. She went to her first meeting, less than 24 hours after signing up. And in that time, she has already made a big sale.

I’ve been joking with her, that I’ll probably have to make her a “Mary Kay pink” laptop. So for already making a sell in less than 48 hours, I’ll probably have to start working on that.