Two by Two : Flood 2003

May 8, 2003

I didn’t make it into work today, the traffic was so bad because of the flooding. The photo you see below is the alt route I take, as our main interstate and hwy to get into downtown was backed up for a couple of hours.

So I’m sitting at home, waiting for the traffic to chill out, trying to stitch together a nice QTVR of the flooding.

brainerd road flooded{.liimagelink}

**UPDATE 2** Ok, all of my decent photos, QTVR, and still panoramas are here{.liinternal}.

**UPDATE 3** The Chattanooga Police Department, have a good selection of photos on their site. The photos as a whole, show a better example of the flood damage.

**UPDATE 4** WGOW has good gallery of photos including parts of downtown under water.

\*\* update 1\*\* I would have a nice QTVR panorama of some of the flood, but the QTVR Authoring Studio update has hosed my iBook to the point where I’m re-loading OS X. This is now the second machine the 1.0.1 update has hozed (my work G4, last summer) . So, I’m trying to reload and hopefully will get my photos off soon.

Fixed Dammit. OS X reloaded without problems and I used PhotoStitch instead of Apple’s ancient QTVR Authoring Studio.