talk about the day

May 10, 2003

I ran into work about two hours earlier yesterday, just so I would avoid the traffic. The road I documented two days ago, was passable, as were the other major routes. So the traffic was great. The advantage of getting in early, is leaving early. So I might start getting up earlier to get home before 6.

Getting home early, on a Friday no less, allowed me and Niki to get our quick grocery run finished. While we were there, we got a call inviting us to the Lookouts game. We wound up going with Niki’s parents and various members of their family. It was also the first Erlanger night, so even though I didn’t work, we still got to raid the food. The fireworks were nice and he had good seats….great time by all.

At the last minute, I decided to work tonight at our other night at the ballgame. I’m probably gonna take photos, and I have one project I can work on while I’m there. Between the shots tonight and the ones from the past few weeks, I hope to update my photo gallery soon.

I had hoped to work on the site today, I found some older posts on a ZIP disk from 1998 and parts of 99, and already added one to the archive page. The older posts were more sporadic and were talking more about computers. I have a feeling, some of my posts from 1996 are on one of my original ZIP disks. So maybe this will turn out better than I imagine it will.