Helping a fellow drummer out

May 12, 2003

Kelly Smith is a frequent visitor over at the Drum Center Forum, and put out a request for people to buy his fine vintage drum kits. Now selling a drum set can be difficult. There is the emotional attachment, like most musicians and their main ax. But Kelly’s situation is different.

See about a year ago Kelly found out he has the big “C”, cancer. Scary. Really scary. In this time, you would expect your closest family to help out. Well in this bad time, Kelly’s wife started drifting off. It’s a sad story to end up today, where he is about $89k in debt and his wife couldn’t account for over $40k not paid on a mortgage.

I’ve never met Kelly, but If you’re a drummer or know of one. Give Kelly a call and pick up one of his fine Rogers kits.

Drum Center Forum – Kelly Smith’s Rogers Drums for Sale