Blue on White Neophyte

May 19, 2003

via Anil’s daily links : Happy to See Blue

Syntron switched to Microsoft Office not long after I left, but I still joke about the revered white text on blue screen with former colleagues from the company. People who did not have the opportunity to use the DOS-based WordPerfect interface back then may never understand, but that blue screen has some very devout fans. So devout, in fact, that my friends were excited to hear that Corel has added the ability to make the WordPerfect 11.0 word processor look and act like its predecessor of more than a decade ago.

Apparently, Anne Chen doesn’t know how to make Microsoft Word appear like WordPerfect’s blue with white text setup. It’s been there at least since Word 97 (I currently use it on Word X). If she would have dug a little further, she wouldn’t have appeared like one of those neophytes who love WordPerfect 5.1. As we all know, WordPerfect 6 kicked it’s ass.