CMSs for Cheap

May 22, 2003

I’m once again looking at a small CMS for use on a website. I thought about using Movable Type again, as I did with the work site , but it’s license would prevent me from doing that. I would like to use a setup similar to what I use at work, for future and current clients (non-profits), but that would be using the CMS as a part of a service….against the MT license . (Anil, or anyone, if I’m wrong on this let me know).

I’ve been directed toward the big PHP CMS’s, but I’m going to look again at Nucleus to build the upcoming client sites and hopefully brand the logins too. I looked at OpenSource CMS , and most of the CMSs there are too big or just lack good code. So, besides Nucleus, I’m going to look at Mambo .

The upside is that I hacked around with Nucleus enough, to adapt quicker than I would with a new system. Mambo, just looks interesting. So I’m going to play around and see what damage I can do. But Nucleus is looking better.