It’s Not Quark, It’s Drivers

June 6, 2003

I keep hearing that the biggest roadblock to mass OS X upgrades from OS 9, is Quark. I’m beginning to think it’s printer drivers. Why should someone upgrade if their printer and scanner won’t work? And it’s not the $35 Lexmark printers with this problem, it’s the large RIPs that produce books and other fun things. I’d be surprised if the OS X adoption rate increased just off of Quark, I’d also suspect that a lot of people are still holding onto older machines, to get that wonderful new G5 or whatever it’s name.

I guess this rant was brought up, as I updated my work Quicksilver G4 to Jaguar. Mainly I did this, so I wouldn’t have to boot into Classic, just so InDesign could print. I installed Gimp-Print and my Epson 1520 works in OS X….but I have to cycle the printer’s power before I print. It works, so I’d rather do that than boot into OS 9.2.2. Next time, I’m just getting a network laser printer instead.