Patient Blogs?

June 6, 2003

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Patients and Families to Create Personalized Web Sites

CarePages allow patients and family members to post photos, news, visiting hours and instructions, and give updates on the progress of medical conditions or surgeries. Using a password provided by the creator of the Web page, visitors can post well-wishes and prayers without interrupting during what can be extremely emotional or difficult times.

I would say that this is the closest weblogs have made an inroad into healthcare. With HIPAA, only families and patients can talk publically about an illness. I couldn’t imagine a physician using a CarePage, or a weblog to communicate to everyone.

This seems like an interesting use of the format. They could keep a daily log or update and post a few photos. I could easily see something like Blogger and even Frontier on a hospital’s server, allowing patients to receive comments and just to provide a story to people with the same condition.

It’s an interesting branch from the normal list of links and daily journals, and I’d love to see the idea spread.