The Next Big Thing

June 10, 2003

I don’t talk about the work site too much, so I’m always glad to point out some national recognition whenever I can. The site is featured in the article, “Real-Time, Interactive Online Communication: The Next Big Thing for Healthcare?” in the June 2003 eHealthcare Strategy & Trends . Unfortunately, they do not have an online version of articles. This is a small magazine targeted toward other ehealthcare professionals and one I eagerly await for.

My boss is quoted a couple of times in the article and we basically talk about how we use two-way communication on our website and the benefits. We have two separate types of buttons on our site asking people if they would like to talk to a nurse. It connects back to our call center, where they speak to one of the nurses in the room next to me.

While it’s not a big traffic generator, it’s definitely something useful. People can ask questions, via the phone, while still online. Our nurses can “push” content to the caller’s browser, either our branded content or a Wellmed database.

It’s a cool piece of software, that’s only in use in under 20 hospitals around the country. The article talks about how the cost for a phone-to-nurse call is about $6, email $2.80, and a live chat $1.20. So it’s something we plan for and hopefully will generate some ROI, eventually.