Cryptic URLs.

June 11, 2003

I didn’t want to derail the thread over at BlogRoots about the ALA TypePad Exclusive, but a thought came into my head:

It will be nice to have another hosted tool that uses url’s with actual words and not something that looks like an international phone number. It’s so much easier to say, “I’m at” instead of “Hi, I’m”. Some people have enough problems remembering phone numbers, why make URLs cryptic? It’s not 1994.

Not to publicly shame only Radio, but I dig the new 20SIX system for hosted blogs. It’s kicking Blogger’s ass on usability. But they have as cryptic of as system as Radio. But I can at least reach my blog by using my user name as the url before it changes into code. Part the reason I forgot about my Radio test , was getting sick of remembering numbers.