Mt. View Vice

June 12, 2003

Seeing how an underground government sprang up on TheSims Online , and hearing about the stories of meeting in Yahoo! Groups concerning plots against their crime family. I remember how we played a game called “Drugs” in 7th grade. The entire two classes of 7th graders, would sell or buy “drugs”. The teachers would even play along, they didn’t approve, but if you got caught you were paddled and you lost your stash. Kids would meet after school, trying to make more drugs (LemonHeads, KoolAid Powder, etc) and figuring out how to distribute them at school.

I had a couple of my friends show up on my doorstep, trying to sell me their sugar concoctions. I later got a quick interrogation from my Mother, asking if I knew drugs were bad. Yep, they’re bad, it’s was just a game. I’m now wondering how many of my former classmates used that experience?