OS X is Windows 95

June 13, 2003

Internet Explorer Mac consigned to the Trash

Some of the key customer requests for web browsing on the Mac require close development between the browser and the OS, something to which only Apple has access

This sounds exactly like what Microsoft was doing around the time of the early IE 4 betas. When the Active Desktop and the integration into Windows 95b was starting to take place….except Apple is doing it now. The DOJ was apparently nothing but a slap on the wrists.

So it looks like IE 5 Mac, is the only browser available for corporate networks, as Mozilla hasn’t got their NTLM ready at all. Why pump money into a competing platform, build a browser that works on it, and helps to make an inroad into corporate America for one of your competitors. I’d suspect Office X and is next. Maybe they’ll release Outlook X before that.

I’d also like to point out, that at work I’m stuck with Mac IE 5.0 classic, because of a bug in the later versions for both Classic and OS X, dealing with the ISA Servers, causing the browser to crash . This is something Microsoft will probably never fix and was (as it now appears) probably intentional. As far as home use, I’ve been using Safari as my main browser, since the “secret” v64 release. (I still test sites using IE and Mozilla on both platforms, but that’s about it.)