The Good Doctor Pournelle.

June 13, 2003

One of the main influences in starting this weblog, almost three years ago, was Sci-Fi author and Byte columnist, Jerry Pournelle. He kept a daily online journal for years and wrote about daily experiments with computers, politics, and just a running log of life. If you look back into the darker depths of my archives, there was a lot of tech talk, but mainly it was an attempt at trying to channel Pournelle. So when he talks about being one of the first bloggers, I’d say he’d be one of them.

I haven’t been quite a daily reader of his journal in a few months, so I was surprised today that Jerry’s thinking about using actual weblog software :

All right, I am sure it has been explained to me before, but will someone tell me precisely what are the advantages (to me) of blogging software over what I am doing now with FrontPage? I gather it does a better job of keeping track of threads and topics, which I tend to do by hand with links and once in a while by consolidating things into a topic or a report; but does it really make it easier to find things when the topics are spread out all over the intellectual spectrum as they tend to be here?

Currently, Dr. Pournelle uses FrontPage to publish and manage his daily journal. My main reason for abandoning a system on my local computer, was I wanted to be able to blog from anywhere and not have to worry about my system crashing. I can blog from a friend’s house, a netcafe, PDAs, etc. Plus having a good comment system, allows people to talk to me about what I write and hopefylly some others can get information from what we wrote, from what normally would be hidden by emails or the problem of updating a mail page with cuts and pastes. Plus, I forgot about this above, but you would have permalinks to rely on instead of anchor tags.

My suggestion, would be to using something like Movable Type instead of a PHPNuke type software that a lot of the techies who have the good Dr’s ear would possibly suggest. It’s Perl….it has comments and it’s not bad to install. I’d even offer to install it for Jerry.