June 18, 2003

On June 18, 2000 , feeling refreshed from my first vacation in over two years, I decided to try another go at an experiment I tried off and on since 1996…keeping an online journal of my life. I heard nothing of blogs or weblogs, so I called mine a journal page or a notes page. I got inspired by most of the Daynotes Gang, who wrote mainly about computers and what they do around them. So originally, this version of my journal was to write about working on computers, although I had only recently moved away from that as my life.

I first had the site at, then at, then in August purchased Although the monequin site was up since 1995, this third attempt at a daily journal was to really be a side page. I wanted to push my consulting business, but eventually the notes took over. I think I sat down and just whipped up a basic template that I would update via FrontPage and publish. I used that method until I discovered Blogger in February of 2001.

It’s been an interesting three years. I got very sick, I got better, I got married, I got laid-off, I got a new job, I moved three times. And also in those three years, this whole (what eventually became) weblogs phenonomina took off. I think I had a blogroll of about 3-4 people when I started, now it’s at about 20. Tom Syroid and Robert Bruce Thompson are probably the only two still on the list. But the list now reflects more of this weblog community I’m in. It reflects my personal reads and sites I enjoy, and hopefully through them understand not just my life and thoughts but their’s too.

Did I think I would still be doing this, three years later? I really don’t have an answer, since this was my third attempt, but one I was motivated about. I honestly thought about giving this whole thing up in 2001. More because of personal issues, but the fight (continuing fight) that people read my words. I’ve always tried to be honest here and to just put yourself out there not knowing who were reading your (at times) personal stories, taught me a lot. I guess it taught me to stand behind my beliefs, more than I had before. Everything I say here, I would say to a friend in person.

Honestly, I thought about ending this site today. Granted, It was just a thought, but it was something that entered my head for about 20 minutes. Going out after a very cool three years, having almost a thousand posts, over a hundred and fifty comments and having this post being a swan song would be a fitting end.

WTF was I thinking? Three years…on a weblog? Shit Mike, go outside or something. But seriously, I’m not ready to end this site. I did think about moving it to another domain, I purchased one in-fact, but it wouldn’t have been the same. So I’m here for however long I decide.

So thanks to everyone who has been supportive about this endeavor, in both the analog and digital worlds. Your comments, encouragement, support, and kicks-in-the-ass have been appreciated.

*In honor of the 3rd anniversary I’m going to attempt a public redesign of the site. I have some ideas down, but ran out of time to implement them before today. So the site might be without a stylesheet for a couple of days.