land of no browsers

June 24, 2003

I’m taking a break from web design at work, mostly to work on some projects we really need to get out the door. In doing so, most of my concentration is on print design. Now it’s not a big stretch to work on an ad layout, but it’s a little more “relaxing” since the only proofing I have to do is with Flightcheck and the eyes in my head and my co-workers’…instead of testing in three or four browsers on three operating systems, coding hacks so IE 6 will render them properly, and then validating.

I say it’s relaxing, but it’s a change in how I normally work. I do a lot of graphical work in Photoshop and occasionally Illustrator for non-web projects, and those are the ones I can crank out quickly. Now I don’t think that HTML or CSS is hard, but if you’ve spent most of your design career behind Quark or PageMaker, it probably is.