License Troubles

June 25, 2003

I really like Movable Type, but their license is really vague. Last month, I talked about my problems using MT with clients. Now a hosting provider has been asked to not install MT for their customers. While it might be more of a marketing faux-pas, this has really infuriated some of the Movable Type users in the past week. Al has a good run-through of everything going on and goes into more depth about the situation.

My original problem, was using Movable Type with users who were non-profits. These groups, including my employer, have license to use MT for free. Would these groups need to be included in the $150 charge per program, if I install the software as a consultant?

I’ll still use Movable Type, because it works for *my* needs, but my clients will use a system best suited for *their* needs. If that’s a homegrown CMS or something like Mambo or Drupal , then I’ll use that instead. Licensing is a feature, just like ease of use.