Wither NT

June 27, 2003

Through the comments in the Slashdot story about Microsoft dropping support for Windows NT 4, I learned that some manufactures actually provided/created USB drivers for NT 4 . I hate to say this, but being a former Windows geek and NT systems administrator, I would probably still use NT 4 as a desktop if it had USB support. It was stable on every desktop I’ve used, when coupled with good/decent hardware. Our Compaq laptop ran Windows 2000 like a champ, ran NT server *great*, ran XP horribly and is running 98 just to play games poorly.

Between NT 4 and Windows 2k, those are the only Windows I would feel comfortable using. I tried XP and it was slow and bothersome. Some of my clients have migrated to XP and it’s just feels *off*. Doesn’t feel like NT or 2k, or any of the 9x versions. And each time I use it, I think, “Wow OS X, is so much better”. But, secretly, I’m also thinking, “Wow Windows 2000 (or NT 4) is so much better, too”.