With all this talk about

June 28, 2003

With all this talk about Windows, I decided to try Linux again on my soon-to-be ebay-ed Compaq. Wow. I’m using Redmond Linux…aka Lycoris and it found everything on my system during the install. It’s klunky and just an odd change when using OS X every day. The fonts aren’t anti-aliased and everything seems to run a little off. The largest problem with Linux has to be the fonts. I could easily use Linux as an operating system on a computer, that I only surfed the web on. Writing emails, using Konqueror for Browsing and anything else for email would make a decent system. But if I had to sit down and have to work inside Linux daily….well I don’t know about that.

I’m now too spoiled with OS X, to actually enjoy Windows or Linux anymore. I’m typing this in Linux right now. It’s just not fun. My fonts look horrible and my apps aren’t too great. So why do some people think Linux is ready for the desktop? When it can install and look almost perfect on the first boot, then it will be. I really don’t see Linux racing past Apple, KDE and GNOME just don’t look that good. Ok, that’s it. Where’s my iBook.

Ok, I just tried to publish this inside of Movable Type and it bombed out. So I pulled my iBook out and got my work done. So it’s not good for me, might be good for you. But that’s up to you.