Athlon Superstar

July 5, 2003

I’m working on a new computer for my uncle, who runs a small home business and needs something a little better than the 200Mhz Pentium he currently has. So we wound up getting a refurbished HP AMD Athlon 2000+ system, all decked out with burner, 40gb hd, 256mb ram with nothing on the hard drive. This system will run Windows 2000, instead of XP, mainly because I don’t have a copy available and for the price he budgeted. The system was under $330 at Computer Geeks, so it’s cheap, but so far has been a good machine. If I could get a 6 month-old Mac for that price, he would have had that instead.

I did try XP on the box and screwed up the system when I tried to install one of those XP hacks. But running 2k, it’s really a nice fast system. It seems just as fast as my G4, but really nothing mind-blowing. I still don’t see why anyone needs a system faster than 1Ghz…or 500Mhz for that reason.

Mucking around with the system, It really made me think about getting a cheap Athlon for my home business. The iBook is a great little machine, but Photoshop on such a little screen (1024X768) isn’t ideal…I’m too use to 1280 and higher. I’d hate to give up OS X, as I use it at home and work and like doing so, but I’m at least thinking about a system with a larger screen.