Of Servers

July 5, 2003

Thanks for the comments about my hosting woes. I’m using Blogomania, and have since March or February. I’ve never had a problem, until a month or so ago. But the BOM crew have been moving servers around, so that could possibly be my problem. If you’re seeing this, then it’s the new server. I’m having to go through and make sure, Movable Type still works. I had a tweak a couple of settings, but nothing appears to be dead. Still kicking the tires.

With the problems I’ve had, I tinkered around with the idea of building a server and sticking it on my Comcast connection. Of course, that would cost me more per-month than I really care to pay. To abide by Comcast’s TOS, I’d have to upgrade to a business account…..something that financially I’m not ready to do. Plus, dealing with Comcast on this would add more headaches, etc…..