Music Snobery

July 6, 2003

Music soothes the savage beast.

I’ve been donning my Music Geek hat this weekend. Just chillin’, and trying to get as much music as I can. And in turn, I found a few I loved, but never ever owned. I’ve been a big Crowded House/Neil Finn fan for a long time. Just great music….so I downloaded as much CH and Neil Finn as I could. I also found a bunch of Paul Weller of The Style Council and of The Jam, and it too just rocks. Nothing heavy, just bluesy rock.

I’m more of a snob about Australian and English rock music, because it’s just seems more musicianship goes into the airwaves than it does here. Actually I amend that…soul too. It’s rare that I listen to radio anymore, most has become a top 100 playground. You might get the occasional White Stripes but you have to put up with Train or heaven forbid, Dave Matthews. Then you turn the station to some of the nu-metal stations, and they’re all trying to be Limp Biskit or something else.

Music should be something more than 4/4 with a snare on 2 & 4. Melody, lyrics, and soul are the makings of a great song. I’m not a songwriter, lyricist, or melody maker, but I’ve been a musician for years and the music coming out just isn’t great. Maybe I’m just overly picky about this stuff coming out, hearing overly ProTool-ed music on the radio and hearing just lame music.

And some of you keep buying this stuff up. I for one, blame Dave Matthews.