What? Me Worry?

July 7, 2003

Part of the design I should have had online for this weblog’s 3rd anniversary. It’s something I’ve had on the back burner for a while, constantly getting pushed around because of work and new ideas. The Braindoodle site and the Kapowaz public beta were the real inspiration behind this design. I wanted something a little different, and this is it.

But now I’m kicking myself. I found that one of our local design shops , one that I’ve met with before, has a very similar layout….same width and everything. Mine’s tableless and (except for the Google links and the MT comments code) XHTML Strict and Transitional validated. I swear (holds right hand up), I didn’t even look at that site until this weekend and I’m almost sick about it. None of the code is the same, as they use Flash and I use the dynamic duo (CSS & XHTML). The colors are different and the main structure isn’t the same.

I’m sticking with the layout, adding changes here and there. It’s far from done, but it gives an idea of everything in my head.