July 9, 2003

via Mark Paschal and Anil . Adam Curry’s “taking a stand on rss” . So it goes like this, Adam gives $10k to Userland and in turn receives…well he explains it better:

The $10k didn’t ‘just’ give me an automatic base within the userland community, it got pasted on web pages all over the world and I’ve built up an audience that consists of 50% aggergator users.

If he did this in the radio world, it would be considered Payola , the “paying of cash or gifts in exchange for airplay”. Or in this case, Blogola, where he paid an amount of money to be included in an RSS aggregator as a default. Is this ethical? I thought we all saw that WKRP episode where Fever, as Rip, asks for payola on-air or the one where Venus…..

So now he is offering to pay another $10k, to include him again, but if you use the upcoming Necho/Echo project, you’re SOL. So I ask this again, is this ethical? Is this how competition really is? It’s a fine line, I do believe, one that I’m trying to grasp completely before I make a final judgment. But the initial phrasing of this, seems like it’s bad for everyone…..Bloggers, Readers, and Userland especially.