Zed’s Dead.

July 11, 2003

We’re about to go on vacation and trying to get as many things done as possible. Between 9-5 work, freelance work, and then just getting ready to go, it’s busy. I vowed that no pager nor computer would vacation with us, it’s now looking like my iBook didn’t want to go anyway. The drive is hosed, don’t know to what extent. It’s now sitting in the apartment, DOA, with a couple of days worth of MP3 and most importantly…work sitting somewhere scrambled on the hard drive.

So on top of everything, we now have to deal with a dead machine. I’m using our spare PC and a friend’s G3 to try to coordinate everything in the final hours before we leave. Backups….damn backups. I really have to get that Firewire drive setup….oh well, more things to do when I return.