Bits from the Island

July 16, 2003

I guess I should mention that our room came equipped with a computer. A nice clean 166 with Windows 95 and a 33.6 modem….dialing long distance into Chattanooga. The dial up here in Sanibel, is DOA, as the telco down here, broke an agreement with the ISP. But the in room phone has a good deal on long distance, so I’m using that. I would also like to thank many of you on the blogroll for having such small sites. 🙂

In between finding seashells, or getting way too brown beside the pool, I noticed that AOL finally killed Netscape. We all knew this was coming….didn’t we? I’ll still develop for standards and will use IE…and Mozilla and Safari. It’s just horrible that AOL kept ICQ and axed Netscape.

While I’m very very relaxed…eh mostly, I’m thanking god I’m not at work this week. It’s been the week from hell for my co-workers, so I now must find some nice treats/gifts from this lovely place.