Beyond the Blog Meetooo

July 19, 2003

One of Mathowie’s A Whole Lotta Features talks about how Movable Type can be extended. He lists a couple of sites that use MT in non-blog applications. About a year ago, I started using Movable Type to power my work site at , so this whole topic is up my alley.

Originally I had three blogs, one that held all of the content for the site, one that had our online magazine and another powering our event calendar. I later split up the various sections into their own blogs, so I could make it appear I have sub-categories along with having the ability to have more than one page under a section. The menus and all of the various page items are inside of Movable Type and called up using ASP includes. Our top menu is created using the MTOtherBlog plugin.

Our online magazine is still powered by Movable Type and thanks to the publisher of the print edition, we receive a copy of the magazine in the Movable Type import format. So they send me a sit file of the magazine and the photos, I then import the text file containing the magazine and put the photos inside of the directory. Each edition creates their own category during import.

The only thing currently on the site, that isn’t completely powered by Movable Type, is our “Find A Job” section as the application and the job listings are powered by a separate database and our search engine. I’m currently testing MTSearch. In reality, the only two things keeping us on ASP are these two applications.