Fly in from Nashville or Atlanta….

July 30, 2003

I still wonder why people pick Chattanooga for a vacation. Chattanooga? Vacation? WTF? Is it that much cheaper? Our 9% sales tax didn’t scare you away? Why not Savannah? or Charleston?

My almost-Hometown of Chattanooga was featured in the Sunday July 27th New York Times, under the story “Chattanooga’s Quirky Charm “. It’s a very good article about the *downtown* tourist attractions, talking about what we really want to highlight, their choice of food joints seemed kinda….”yuppish”. Now before people lynch me, I love both of the places listed. But if you want good BBQ in Chattanooga, I would venture to Bones on E.Brainerd road for cheap food, Master Blasters on the corner of Rossville Blvd and Central Ave for real BBQ, or Sticky Fingers downtown. As far as Rembrandt’s is concerned, they have good coffee but Greyfriars does too. I would also list Lupi’s downtown, where your pizza is made to order and darn good. I would normally recommend The Cellar, but our lovely mayor just ran the long time management off, so I would say stay away.

I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t even go to Lookout Mountain, citing a 90 minute wait was a lame excuse to not make the trip up. It’s literally a 10 minute drive from Downtown. Point Park and the Incline, along with Rock City the reason for dozens of Red barns around the country. They did go up Signal Mountain, but it’s really good for the view…and that’s about it. Nearby Ringgold, Georgia has (or had) an Opry that was a little more well known, so I don’t exactly know how well I can rate this story.

Also, our 2002 population is 155,992, but our county pop is 312,000 with our Metro area holding 475,422, so we’re a little bigger than we look. That 160k number is just for advertising. We’re about the same size as Arlington, TX.

And I would also like to say, that if you fly in, please use the Atlanta or Nashville airports. Our airport, while beautiful, doesn’t work worth a s#*+.

So yes America, we have a very quirky town. Please enjoy your stay, read our local papers to see what we’re really going through. We do have a beautiful city, even when you get away from downtown.