Any ASP Programmers in the house?

July 31, 2003

If you’re an ASP programmer, classic ASP not ASP.Net, then please give me an email at mkelley a.t.

I’m trying to make a simple script pull, via an include statement, a monthly file. The ASP script is really a date script that I would like to use to pull a monthly archive, like 2003_07.asp via an include file. I can get the file to render like I want, but I am unable to pull the file. Is this even possible?

I know, I know…this can be done easily in PHP, but right now I don’t have that option.

** Update #1 **

I now know that you cannot use dynamically built ssi’s with asp, so you really need to pull the data with a FSO. Now the question is, how to do that?

** Update # 2 **

Thanks to the HWG’s archives , I found a basic way to do what I need. The script is based on a post from the HWG Languages mailing list and on the original Jos Krause �script I linked above. Here is the basic script . I’m now going to clean up the code and solve some of the smaller problems I’m having…mainly because I’m looking at all that code thinking “that’s a helluva lotta code just to pull one file dynamically.”