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August 4, 2003

Last week was consumed with getting some damn ASP script running, in one form or the other. We made some nice changes to the work site, changing stylesheets, tidying up code, changing basic layouts, etc. With doing this, I found a lot of limitations using ASP. My problem was that I expect to be able to script within a file, to call a Server Side Include. In ASP, this is verboten. I even looked into ASP.Net, where they have “User Controls” that seem to be more difficult than it should. I’m actually going to toss the whole scriptset, I’ve been using, and just import the information I want using RSS.

I was asked, off camera, why I’m using ASP. In actuality, I’m using Perl and ASP, but hope to drop ASP all together and migrate to PHP or ColdFusion. Actually, I’m trying to get everything onto a more open platform. PHP just seems like a good, all-around, language to use on anything from unix to linux to OS X to Windows.